Tuesday, January 19

Beach Babes Galore Bikini It Up In New Indonesian ‘Beach Creature’ Trailer

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Arrrgggghhhhh! It’s ‘Jenglot Pantai Selatan’! Ok, so unless your Indonesian is up to scratch that title probably won’t put too much fear into you. But let’s try its English-language counterpart ‘Beach Creature’! Yes, Rizal Mantovani’s new creature beachure feature has got itself a new trailer, and it defintely gives off the ‘Piranha 3D’-vibe. Temmy Rahadi, Debby Ayu, Wichita Satari, Framly Nainggolan, Febriyanie Ferdzilla and Zidni Adam and star as creature fodder. Check out a few choice and titilating stills featuring a host of sexy young bikini clad hotties below.

“Randy, Temmi, Denisa, and Josh are expecting to enjoy their holiday fun on exclusive beach. Virgin Beach. Newly bought by a young, entrepreneur, to be developed as a tourist attraction. No one suspect that in one of the nearby villages a strange creature will emerge, which they call a Jenglot, that’s thirsts for blood. A Jenglot that has been captured is believed to be the protector of Virgin beach. The Jenglot escapes back into the sea and starts to hunt down anyone who pollutes the sanctity of the beach.”

You can check out more tongue-in-cheek goodies at the trailer over at the official ‘Beach Creature’ website.

‘Beach Creature’ will arrive ashore in Indonesian theatres on 17 February.

Hotties in Bikini in ‘Beach Creature’
Hotties in Bikinis in 'Beach Creature'

Check Out the 'Beach Creature' Stills

Indonesian Hottie About To Pop Out Of Her Bikini Top
Indonesian Hottie About To Pop Out Of Her Bikini Top

Ouch That’s Gotta Smart – Beach Creature
Ouch That's Gotta Smart - Beach Creature

Sexy Girl In Her Wet Bikini
Sexy Girl In Her Wet Bikini

Naked Bath Time Hottie Spys Danger In The Tub
Naked Bath Time Hottie Spys Danger In The Tub

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