Friday, January 22

Beckinsale Signs Up For More ‘Underworld’

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And like that, BOOM, she’s back. Brit hottie Kate Beckinsale (below) has finally signed up to return as Selene in ‘Underworld 4’, the fourth installment in the action-filled vampire/werewolf franchise. The prospect has been bouncing around for a while now but thank the Lord it’s all come to fruition and Kate will once again sport that smoking hot leather-clad look.

‘Underworld 4’ will likely follow on from part 2 (‘Underworld 2: Evolution’), as of course the third installment (‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’) was a prequel.

John Hlavin penned the script, whilst J. Michael Straczynski gave it a rewrite.

The production is scheduled to kick off in Vancouver, March 2011.

Kate Beckinsale Sexy in Socks
Kate Beckinsale Sexy in Socks


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