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Become a Jigsaw Victim With These ‘Saw 3D’ Makeup Tips & Effects

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Earlier this month Lionsgate UK held a special ‘Saw’ event in London’s Soho Hotel. It was a ‘Saw’ inspired make-over day to help promote the upcoming release of the seventh installment in the gore-laden sequel ‘Saw 3D’. A special make-up team was on hand to give it’s volunteers a ‘Saw’-style makeover to create a whole new range of Jigsaw’s victims. And the artists have even shared some great tips for creating your very own blood and make-up effects just in time for the Halloween season! Try them out for yourselves and then send us your pictures. We’ll post the best ones up right here at the Horror Asylum. You can check out some of the shots from the day below!

A very simple recipe for blood:
– Glycerin
– Red eye shadow (such as MAC red pigment)
– Instant coffee

1. Simply dissolve the coffee in some hot water.
2. Pour the glycerin into a bowl (depending on how much blood you want)
3. Add eyeshadow and coffee solution until you get a realistic looking mixture.
4. To make it thicker add corn flour.

Don’t use in the mouth, though!

To make a blood that’s safe in the mouth we would recommend using corn syrup, food colouring and coffee or chocolate syrup and red food colouring.

You can add bread, Ready Brek, and even cooled jelly to make gruesome concealed blood and flesh.

Scars, scabs, burns and skins diseases can be made with rice crispies, cornflakes, porridge oats and tissues, or anything else you have in the cupboard. Just glue them on with spirit gum eyelash glue or children’s PVA glue

They can be coloured up with greasepaint (or lipstick!). Just remember to mix red with brown, to get a more realistic colour.

A creamy Cup-a-Soup make good ‘sick’  as does a mashed up banana and milk….Just add carrots!

‘Saw 3D’ Makeup Effects
'Saw 3D' Makeup Effects

'Saw 3D' Makeup Effects

We’d love to see some of your home makeup experiments for Halloween.
You can email your images to us at We’ll post the best ones up!

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