Tuesday, January 26

Big Brother Gets Infected With ‘Dead Set’

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Big Brother takes a disturbing turn in E4’s latest upcoming zombie/infection horror serial ‘Dead Set’. The new six-part UK horror series, penned by the absolutely fantastic writer and columnist Charlie Brooker (from BBC 4 show ‘Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe’ – hilarious!), and helmed by Yann Demange (‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’) is soon to be making it’s way into British living rooms. And Unseen Screen have a great little promo clip of the twisted Big Brother diary room terror in action.

Here’s an extended plot summary for the new six-part series:

Britain has a big problem. The dead are returning to life and attacking the living. The people they kill get up and kill – and it’s spreading like wildfire. Curiously, there are a few people left in Britain who aren’t worried about any of this – that’s because they’re the remaining contestants in Big Brother. Cocooned in the safety of the Big Brother house, they’re blissfully unaware of the horrific events unfolding outside. Until an eviction night when all hell breaks loose.

Kelly, (Jaime Winstone) the production runner working on Big Brother finds herself caught in the impossible position of trying to fend off the waking dead alongside the remaining housemates, Davina herself, a host of former Big Brother housemates, her producer boss Patrick (Andy Nyman) and boyfriend Riq (Riz Ahmed).

Over the ensuing days, in a cruel reflection of the game show they thought they were entering, the contestants fall victim, one by one, to the hungry masses outside. Staying alive requires teamwork – which is tricky when you’re a group specifically selected by TV producers to wind each other up.

‘Dead Set’ is coming soon to the UK digital channel E4. But for now you can take a look at the cool looking ‘Dead Set’ official website where you’ll find a batch of stills and video clips.

Check back here for more on this project in the near future.

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