Sunday, January 24

Bousman Wants More In ‘Leprechaun’ Franchise

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Darren Lynn Bousman, the guy behind the ‘Saw’ franchise is extremely keen on trying to resurrect the ‘Leprechaun’ franchise. “I would do ‘Leprechaun’ in a second,” Darren Lynn Bousman told MTV. “If Lionsgate is listening, give me ‘Leprechaun’.”

“It’s just one of those fun popcorn movies”, the “Saw 3” director claimed. “I would love to bring back the fun popcorn movie – extreme violence, extreme absurdity – but make it fun,”

Bousman has said that he would want to set the new film in “the old west”.

He explains, “You send him in a time machine and transport him to the old west. There are gold rushes. There are gunfights. It’s awesome! I have the whole thing already worked out!”

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