Wednesday, January 27

Briana Evigan Chats About Her Non-Slutty Role

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That saucy, sexy little minx Briana Evigan has been out and about promoting her upcoming movie ‘Sorority Row’, And Shock Till You Drop managed to also get her to chat a little about her role as Annette in Darren Lynn Bousman’s upcoming horror project ‘Mother’s Day’. The home invasion horror will arrive in theatres sometime next year.

Here’s what the young Miss Evigan had to say…

“I can tell you that this movie is sick. It’s really, really sick… I get to be really bad-ass again and extremely 20 times more than in Sorority Row. I’m pretty much the tough, stonewall that everyone’s intimidated by. She’s super hot and sexy. Not slutty in any way.”

You’ll be able to check out Evigan in no doubt many sexy outfits during the 100 odd minutes that is ‘Sorority Row’ which arrives in US theatres on September 11 and now apparently on September 9 here in the UK.

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