Wednesday, January 27

Brit Director Slade To Helm Twilight 3

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Brit director David Slade, who has helmed such flicks as ‘Hard Candy’ and ’30 Days of Night’ has been officially selected by Summit Entertainment to take on part 3 in the ‘Twilight’ franchise – ‘Twilight: Eclipse’. Personally I think he was a pretty fine choice!

The premise involves people whom are being murdered in Seattle, and Edward suspects the culprit is a vampire that is unable to control its thirst. The Cullen family and the Wolf Pack team up to combat the threat.

Having already dealt with vampires in ’30 Days of Night’ Slade would be well versed in the world of vampiric situations, although pulling back some of the more ‘intense’ stuff for a likely PG-13 rating will be an interesting watering-down.

Other directors previously mentioned as possible directors included Drew Barrymore, Juan Antonio Bayona and Paul Weitz.

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