Saturday, January 23

Brittany Murphy & Co. in ‘Something Wicked’

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‘Something Wicked’ is currently enjoying a shoot in Oregon under the directorial skills of Darin Scott, who has replaced Jay Lowi. And the official site over at Merchant Films has been updated with a detailed cast and crew list. Don’t expect to see much else though as it’s one heck of a bland site at the moment.

So just who’s in it then I hear you cry? Well we have Shantel VanSanten (‘Final Destination: Death Trip’), John Robinson (‘Transformers’), Julien Morris (‘Donkey Punch’), and Brittany Murphy (‘Sin City’). You can check out the full cast and crew over at the official Something Wicked website.

And here’s the synopsis for those not in the know!

“‘Something Wicked’ is a current day action thriller set in a mid-size American community (Eugene, Oregon) in the Pacific Northwest. Christine and her boyfriend James have just graduated from Highland High School and are looking forward to enjoying their future together. Everything appears to be going well until Christine and James realize that she is being stalked by a psychologically tormented and obsessed young man, who in the end, will stop at nothing to be with her.”

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