Wednesday, January 27

Bunch of New Gory Stills From ‘Train’

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Bloody Disgusting have gotten ahold of some new stills from the upcoming ‘Train’ – the Thora Birch movie partically based on the original ‘Terror Train’. ‘Train’ will be released by Lionsgate in the near future. You can check out some of the images below.

‘Train’ is about a group of American college athletes unknowingly board a train in Europe that becomes a deadly journey.

Anyway, the new pics reveal just how bloody this flick is gonna be and well deserving of that NC-17 (though no worries, it will be recu to R for the film’s wider theatrical release). You’ll never look at a leg the same way… or you will, you’ll just be plagued with a really nasty image.

‘Train’ will be screening at Screamfest on Thursday October 16th in its original NC-17 cut. you can go right here to get some tickets.

Head on over to Bloody Disgusting to see more of the new ‘Train’ stills.


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