Wednesday, January 27

‘Campfire Chronicles: Have a Nice Day’ Detail

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Hollywood legend Christopher Mitchum is set to appear alongside the very sexy Holly Weber in new gory and sexy slasher-comedy ‘Campfire Chronicles Vol 1: Have a Nice Day’. The movie is being written and directed by Nicholas Bird, and produced by 626 Pictures.

‘Campfire Chronicles Vol 1: Have a Nice Day’ tells of 7 friends who go to a remote cabin for a weekend of wild partying. Things get out hand when the 8th friend who wasn’t invited crashes the party, as well as his friends.

The writer and director Nick Bird has previously directed the short films The Soul’s Midnight, and The Bathroom. He has also produced the short horror Stalked in the Corn, and worked as a cinematographer, actor and production crew member in various movie productions. Have a Nice Day is produced by Bird and Carey Long, the son of Richard Long (star of the original House on Hounted Hill) and Mara Corday (Tarantula).

The cast of Have a Nice Day features the Christopher Mitchum (Tombstone, Big Jake, Rio Lobo), as well as hot young actresses Holly Weber (Fast and Furious, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan) and Brandin Rackely (The Hillside Strangler). More genre stars are in negotiations to star in the movie.

Have a Nice Day is currently in pre-production phase, for more information about the movie, and to contact the crew, you can visit the following pages:

The Official MySpace page of the movie, and the movie page at the Spiral Hill Productions website.

The official website of the movie and much more coming soon!


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