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Casting Details for Don Mancini’s New ‘Child’s Play’ Installment ‘Curse of Chucky’

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‘Child’s Play’ creator Don Mancini is bringing everyone’s favourite Good Guy doll back to our screens. Chucky will return in ‘Curse of Chucky’, the sixth installment in the horror franchise which began all the way back in 1988. Mancini, who penned the original story, will serve as writer, director and producer on the new addition to the series which is said to be “a throwback to the original ‘Child’s Play’ trilogy”. The production has begun its casting and Bloody Disgusting has provided a breakdown of the characters currently being searched. As we all know 1998’s Bride of Chucky’ and 2004’s ‘Seed of Chucky’ tried reinventing the series with self-referential humour which sadly soon became tiresome. So it looks like this new movie will completely bypass this and concentrate more on getting Chucky back to his terrifying origins. The brilliant Brad Dourif (‘Rob Zombie’s Halloween’) will return once more to voice the slash-happy doll. Check out the cast breakdown below.

– Nica, a young wheelchair-bound girl who receives the doll.
– Ian, the father and Nica;s brother-in-law. He is suspicious that his wife is cheating on him.
– Barb is a mean-spiritied and greedy woman, she is Nica;s older sister.
– Jill is the lead and is a nanny having a secret affair with Barb.
– Sarah is Nica’s mother, she commits suicide.

‘Curse of Chucky’ will kick off shooting this coming Sepetember in Canada.

Chucky’s Back!
Chucky's Back!

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