Wednesday, September 30

Check out this Evil Little F#cker from WWE’s ‘Leprechaun: Origins’

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A WWE and Lionsgate panel was present at Comic-Con last night touting their upcoming projects ‘See No Evil 2’ and their ‘Leprechaun’ franchise reboot ‘Leprechaun Origins’. The project from director Zach Lipovsky will be unleashed onto VOD from 26 August and will see a DVD and Blu-ray release just over a month later. WWE’s Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl) has snared the iconic little guy role from Warwick Davis (‘Life’s Too Short’) and from this new first look teaser at the green bastard we can certainly see that he’s been given an even more sinister makeover for his latest outing. Brendan Fletcher, Teach Grant, Andrew Dunbar, Stephanie Bennett, Bruce Blain and Adam Boys also star. Check out the new teaser below.

“When Dan O’Grady returns to the U.S. after stealing some Irish leprechaun’s pot of gold, he thinks he can settle down and enjoy his newfound wealth. He thought wrong. The leprechaun followed him and O’Grady barely gets away with his life, having locked the little monster in his basement. Ten years later, J.D. and his spoiled daughter Tory move in. By accident, the leprechaun is released and almost immediately the annoying creature starts to look for his gold, not displaying any respect for human life.”

‘Leprechaun Origins’ opens on VOD on 26 August and will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on 30 September.

'Leprechaun Origins' Teaser Poster

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