Sunday, January 17

‘Childs Play’ Creator Don Mancini Confirms Franchise Reboot For Chucky

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You may remember an absolute age ago that Don Mancini was talking about a possible ‘Child’s Play’ remake. Well he’s been spilling the beans on just what the heck is happening with everyone’s favourite killer doll Chucky and what the future holds. So it doesn’t appear that a sequel is on the cards but just a ‘reboot’ of the franchise. The distrubing original ‘Child’s Play’, directed by Tom Holland (‘Fright Night’, ‘Thinner’), was released back in 1988 and starred the voice talent of Brad Dourif (‘The Exorcist III’, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’, ‘Halloween’). But will Dourif return? He lent his voice to the original and it’s 4 subsequent (and more comical) sequels but it seems ‘the in thing’ in Hollywood currently is to replace all decent horror actors (such as ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Robert Englund and more recently ‘Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley) with weaker counterparts in an unguided attempt to completely reviatlise a franchise.

“I’m personally open to other things but I think that’s what the studio wants” [rather than continuing this series of Chucky films Mancini confirms that the studio is looking for a reboot]“because this movie didn’t do very well so I think the feeling is that Chucky’s viability, his future is in the more straightforward horror vein. I was talking about the rights issues before, I don’t think it’s necessarily what we’ll end up doing as a strict remake. I think we’ll reboot it in the sense that it will just be more conventionally scary and it will only be Chucky and we won’t have Tiffany and Glen, but it won’t necessarily be a strict remake.”

Well at least, I guess, it looks like Chucky may be moving back to some of his more creepy and disturbing beginnings. Perhaps less puns this time around?

A Chucky Doll You DO NOT Run From!
A Chucky Doll You DO NOT Run From!

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