Tuesday, January 19

Classic 70’s Disaster Horror ‘The Swarm’ To Be Remade!

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In legendary actor Michael Caine’s hay day during the late 70’s he decided to star in the quite frankly, terrible, disaster-ish movie ‘The Swarm’. Well it seems it’s slow-burning cult status has certainly ramped up to the stage where it’s now being pushed forward in the remake stakes. Vertigo Entertainment and Room 101 are set to produce the redo based on the tale of ‘killer bees’. New Zealand director Ash Bolland, responsible for various MTV commercials, is set to helm the project. Henry Fonda, Richard Chamberlain, Katharine Ross, Lee Grant and Richard Widmark were just some of the names from the original.

“The original starred Michael Caine as an entomologist who learns that killer bees from South America have been coming together to form huge swarms. He sets out to stop the military from attacking and worsening the imbalance in nature, ultimately teaming up with them to prevent the deadly swarm from reaching Houston.”

‘The Swarm’ 1978 Poster
'The Swarm' 1978 Poster

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