Wednesday, January 27

Colin Farrell & Tom Hardy Up For ‘Total Recall’ Remake Lead Role?

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You may RECALL a little while back talk was that producer Neal Moritz was planning a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s amazing sci-fi flick ‘Total Recall’, which starred sci-fi regular Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well sadly it seems that this is still going to go ahead in spite of the fact that it’s almost sacrilegious to even attempt to redo such a ground-breaking science fiction flick that itself is only 20 years old. However, a few names are being thrown around for the lead role of Quaid, played by Schwarzenegger in the original. Colin Farrell, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender are all up for the apparent remake role.

The original movie based on the short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” by writer Philip K. Dick the movie involved Schwarzenegger’s character going for a virtual vacation with added memories of the planet Mars. Unexpectedly, a harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real, or does he? It’s a true mind-f#ck.

The idea for a remake, or at least a sequel, has been floating about for a while now with original rights holders the Weinsteins even having a script ready. The script itself was based on another Philip K. Dick concept and was tweaked to what then became ‘Minority Report’, which starred Tom Cruise and had Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair.

More on this project when we have it.

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