Monday, January 25

‘Death Race 2’ Unleashes On-Set Hottie Clips and Sexy New Stripping Game

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Sci-fi thriller follow-up ‘Death Race 2’, the sequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2008 action flick, hit DVD last month here in the UK. North America have had a little more of a wait but finally this bad boy will hit Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday (18 January). To help promote the new release from Roel Reiné, director of the upcoming ‘Scorpion King: Rise of the Dead’, Universal Home Entertainment have provided us with a batch of new clips featuring the hot and sexy women from ‘Death Race 2: Unrated’. We have Tanit Phoenix (‘Lost Boys: The Thirst’), Lauren Cohan (‘Supernatural’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’) – both picutred below – in action along with a look at ‘Death Race’s women navigators and also a fantastic online game whereby you get to literally beat the clock and blow the clothes off three topless hot female ‘Death Race’ inmates who strip off and expose their wondrous tits with some hardcore spacebar tapping (over 18’s only)! Luke Goss, Sean Bean (‘Black Death’), Ving Rhames (‘Piranah 3D’) and Danny Tejo (‘Machete’) all co-star.

“Death Race 2 takes place in the very near future, as the United States economy begins to decline and violent crime starts to spiral out of control. To contain the growing criminal population, a vast network of for-profit, private prisons springs up, creating a lawless subculture ruled by gangs, cold-blooded killers and sociopaths. The worst of these prisons is Terminal Island, where inmates fight each other in a highly rated televised death match, where there are no rules, and the winner is the one who survives the gladiator-style, no-holds-barred competition. Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) arrives on the Island to serve his life sentence just as ruthlessly ambitious television personality September Jones evolves the death match into the ultimate reality show – Death Race. A brutal prison yard demolition derby that pits prisoners against each other in steel reinforced, heavily armed vehicles, Death Race offers the winner the ultimate prize: freedom – if he can survive to enjoy it.”

On-Set With Tanit Phoenix

On-Set With Lauren Cohan

A behind-the-scenes look at Death Race’s women navigators

Get Them Naked in ‘Death Race 2’ Blow Her Clothes Off Game – Click Below
Get Them Naked in 'Death Race 2' Blow Her Clothes Off Game

Lauren Cohan and Tanit Phoenix Sex Up ‘Death Race 2’
Lauren Cohan and Tanit Phoenix Sex Up 'Death Race 2'

Catch ‘Death Race 2’ on Blu-ray and DVD when it crashes into your local store on 18 January.

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