Tuesday, January 26

‘Dexter’ Wonders Just What Will Happen Next in Two New Promo Clips

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Feed into ‘Dexter’s nightmare with this new pair of special video promos from Showtime. The clips entitled ‘My Dark Passenger’ and ‘What Happens Next?’ feature siblings Dexter and Deborah played by Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Another symbolic promo which has Dex asking all sorts of questions to himself and what’s going to become of his relationship with his sister now that she has discovered (at least partially) his secret. Both clips are pretty similar to that of each other with some slightly adjusted cuts and voiceover work and you can head below to check them out. C.S. Lee, James Remar, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas and Desmond Harrington (‘Ghost Ship’), Ray Stevenson, Jason Gedrick, Matt Gerald, Yvonne Strahovski (‘Chuck’), Katia Winter and Calista Flockhart all star in the new seventh season.

‘Dexter’ returns to screens on ABC from Sunday 30 September at 9:00pm ET/PT in the US and early 2013 on FX here in the UK.

Have a Killer Day Dexter!
Have a Killer Day Dexter!

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