Saturday, January 16

Dimension Buy Up ‘Audrey’s Door’ Novel Rights

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Sarah Langon’s upcoming horror novel ‘Audrey’s Door’ has already been picked up by Dimension Films for a feature film adaption. Variety is reporting that the book, about a creepy apartment building opening to a hellish dimension, will be published by HarperCollins this September.

The story, in a bit more detail, centers on a young architect who, after breaking off her engagement, finds the perfect Manhattan apartment. She begins to lose her grip on reality and finds herself battling the building’s ghosts as well as the cultish tenants, forcing her to build a door that will connect to a nightmarish netherworld.

Other titles written by author Langan include ‘The Keeper’, ‘The Missing’, ‘Virus’ and ‘The Lost’. And if you want to check out some more information about her then simply visit here official website right here.

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