Monday, January 18

Director Patrick Lussier Updates Us On ‘Halloween 3D’ Progress Or Lack Thereof

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Filmmaker Patrick Lussier has embraced 3D technology like a kid at Christmas. With his fingers already in a trio of 3D project pies that include last years ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’, and the upcoming ‘Drive Angry 3D’ starring Nicholas Cage and Amber Heard. And not to mention of course the zombie flick ‘Condition Dead 3D’, which is currently in production, you’d think the guy would be sick of the third dimension already? Seems not, as Lussier will be helming the intended third installment in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ reboot, ‘Halloween III’. However, the project hasn’t really kicked off in the way it was intended. So chances of us seeing Scout Taylor-Compton (below) return as Laurie Strode anytime soon is pretty slim. Read on for what Lussier has to say.

Todd Farmer, whom penned the scripts for the fore-mentioned ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and ‘Drive Angry 3D’ had prepared a script for the new ‘Halloween’ follow-up which, according to Lussier, producer Malek Akkad was ‘very excited’ about.

Here’s what Lussier himself had to say on the subject:

“You’d really have to ask Dimension Films and Bob Weinstein,” he says. “We were very excited about the script we wrote. Malek Akkad was very excited about the script we wrote. We loved Malek and we’d love to make the movie with him, but that’s up to the grown-ups who are above our pay grade, so who knows. I am frequently surprised by whatever happens next.”

Scout Taylor-Compton Leathers Things Up
Scout Taylor-Compton Leathers Things Up

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