Friday, March 26

Disturbing Poetry and Newspaper Clipping from the ‘Carrie’ Promotion Team

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Why does Carrie feel all alone? Well hopefully those who appreciate a poem or two maybe able to decipher the meaning behind this new piece of promotional teaserage from director Kimberly Peirce’s new reimagining of the classic Stephen King novel ‘Carrie’. Along with the words of the disturbed high school student a newspaper clipping reporting on strange things occuring at the White household has also popped up on the official Facebook page. Chloe Moretz (‘Kick-Ass’) and Julianne Moore (‘Hannibal’) star as Carrie and mother Margaret respectivley (durr!) and they’re joined by a solid supporting cast that includes Portia Doubleday (‘Youth in Revolt’), Alex Russell (‘Chronicle’), Ansel Elgort, Judy Greer (‘The Village’) and Gabriella Wilde. Head below for the goodies.

“The story of Carrie White, a girl brought up, almost in isolation, by her psychotically religious mother Margaret. After an embarrassing incident in the showers causes her fellow pupils to tease Carrie ruthlessly, her teacher Miss Desjardin disciplines them severely. Determined to have revenge, the other students hatch a plot against Carrie, which turns horribly wrong when Carrie’s strange mental powers are unleashed during the school prom.”

‘Carrie’ opens in theatres from 15 March 2013.

'Carrie' Poetry

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