Tuesday, January 26

Dreyfuss to Spoof Jaws Role in ‘Piranha 3-D’?

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Now here’s some interesting ‘Piranha 3-D’ related news from the desk of Nuke the Fridge. Could Richard Dreyfuss possibly be joining the cast?

According to the site the actor will join Alex Aja’s new fishy 3-D remake in a small appearance that somehow spoof’s his memorable performance as marine scientist Matt Hooper in Speilberg’s classic horror flick ‘Jaws’ (and my favourite movie of all time!).

“His character will even be drinking Amity brand beer (the setting of “Jaws”). (Spoiler Follows) Reportedly, Dreyfuss might be the first character killed off in the new movie”. – reports the site.

Now you’ll have to treat this as pure rumour for the time being, as it does sound a little ‘out there’. But stranger things have happened!

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