Friday, January 22

Dunstan & Melton Prepping ‘Saw VII’ Script

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The horror franchise is a fickle mistress. It can go either way – on one hand you can depreciate the value of it simply by releasing a heap of below par direct-to-disc sequels and in some cases prequels and therefore belittle the entire efforts of the earlier films or you can do what the ‘Saw’ franchise has seemingly done. Continually release sequels with a well balanced quality throughout. Love ’em or hate ’em the ‘Saw’ franchise has to be admired. To even be able to get each installment written, cast and filmed and in the can ready for a release every 12 months in something unique in this day and age of cinema. And whilst ‘Saw VI’ is still in post-production there’s already news of a ‘Saw VII’.

Variety have confirmed the news that the screenwriting twosome Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (who both co-wrote parts IV, V and the upcoming part VI) have been given the job of adding another ‘Saw’ entry into their already impressive catalogue of horror.

‘Saw VI’ hits theatres stateside on October 23rd. No news on a UK release date as yet but expect it to be around Halloween time also.

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