Sunday, October 25

Dustin Ferguson’s New Dinosaur Flick ‘Ebola Rex’ with Mel Novak Now Available on VOD & DVD

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Prolific filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’ ( Angry Asian Murder Hornets), new dinosaur film Ebola Rex starring legendary Genre Star Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death) is now available on VOD and DVD exclusively on SCS Entertainment.

Ken May, Mike Ferguson, Erik Anthony Russo and Shawn C.Phillips round out the cast

During a “Dino Lives Matter” protest, a captive Tyrannosaurus Rex is injected with the Ebola Virus by a crazed protester and escapes a lab to wreck havoc in Southern California. It’s up to an fearless General and a obsessed, renegade Soldier to stop it.”

Ebola Rex Poster

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