Tuesday, January 19

Early Talk on a Prequel to ‘The Unborn’

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David Goyer’s ‘The Unborn’, coming this Janaury, may not be the only incarnation as it appears there’s already whispers that it could be just the first of a possible series! Star of ‘The Unborn’ Odette Yustman has stated that writer/director David Goyer has been talking about a possible prequel.

“David Goyer was talking about maybe doing a prequel. And hopefully working with Carla Gugino – she plays my mother in the movie – so maybe developing that story a little bit more.”

‘The Unborn’, a psychological thriller that follows an 18-year-old who is haunted by a Dybbuk – the soul of a dead person barred from heaven – in the form of a young boy who perished in Auschwitz, also stars Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Idris Elba and Cam Gigandet.

It hits US theatres on 9th January 2009 and a little later on the 27th February 2009 here in the UK.

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