Eduardo Sanchez’s ‘Ithaca The Miniseries: Season 1’ Chapters 1-4 Now Available

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Season 1 of ‘ITHACA The Miniseries’, from Man In The Arena Films, Everything’s Fire, and “The Blair Witch Project” Director Eduardo Sanchez, is now available and can be watched for FREE over at the official Man In The Arena Films YouTube Channel.

ITHACA is an adventure mini-series that takes you on a journey through the battlefield of the mind, on a man’s quest to heal his broken legacy. The ambitious first season has been created over 7 years with zero budget, only 2-4 crew, and using only free and available resources. Inspired by Homer’s “Odyssey,” modern mythology, and flavored with Balinese Hindu Mythology. It is an emotional adventure/horror/psychological thriller that has already resonated in the hearts of all it’s viewers.

You can watch ITHACA Chapters 1- 4 here:

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