Monday, January 25

Eliza Dushku Gets ‘Locked In’ With Trailer

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Eliza Dushku’s latest thriller ‘Locked In’ has been away from our computer screens for quite a while. In fact things had gone very quiet. That is until now as the new alternate trailer has arrived. You can check it out below. ‘Locked In’, penned by Ronnie Christensen, moves through the lives of two fragile yet determined people and maps a private geography of love, loss and ultimate redemption.

Eliza (below) joins Ben Barnes, Sarah Roemer, Johnny Whitworth, Clarke Peters, Peter Jason, Abby and Helen Steinman and Brenda Fricker.

“Josh leaves his advertising career at its peak, everyone wants either to be him or to have him. Then he walks away from it all, the money, recognition and the life. A car accident will leave his daughter in a strange coma and when everyone has given up she starts communicating with him, or is he going mad?”

The Hot Eliza Dushku in Locked In

After it’s screening last month at Cannes a release date is expected soon.

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