Saturday, January 16

Elizabeth Olsen Screams Down the ‘Silent House’ in New Motion Poster

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Just around the corner is the 9 March release of ‘Silent House’, the new thriller from Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. Moviefone have revealed a new screaming motion poster featuring its star Elizabeth Olsen (below) who from all the previous stills we’ve seen of the movie really doesn’t seem to be having a very nice time. The constantly terrified Olsen stars alongside Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens and Julia Taylor Ross. The movie is based on the Uruguayan horror flick ‘The Silent House’ (AKA ‘La Casa Muda’) from writer/director Gustavo Hernández where the action takes place over 88 minutes of real time. Check out (and hear) the new motion poster below.

“‘Silent House’ follows a young woman whose panic grows into terror as she finds herself sealed inside her family’s crumbling lake house with no way to contact the outside world.”

Elizabeth Olsen is Coming Up Roses
Elizabeth Olsen is Coming Up Roses

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