Wednesday, January 27

Eva Amurri Switches ‘Californication’ Stripping For New ‘Isolation’ Sales Art

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Stephen Kay (‘Boogeyman’, ‘Get Carter’), mostly known more recently for his TV directorial credits such as ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’, has a new feature to add to his belt in the form of new horror flick ‘Isolation’. The Natural Selection production is currently in post and stars the hot Eva Amurri – below (whom you may know as the topless stripper Jackie in Showtime’s ‘Californication’). Well Eva may not be revealing her boobs in this one but she is joined by ‘The Green Hornet’s David Harbour along with Joshua Close, Gregg Henry, Robert Wu and Michelle Greathouse. You can check out some new sales art for ‘Isolation’ below along with a titillating clip of Miss Amurri in near naked pole-dancing action.

“A medical student awakens in a hospital isolation room having been exposed to an unknown disease, desperately ill and with no recollection of how she got there.”

New ‘Isolation’ Sales Art
New 'Isolation' Sales Art

‘Isolation’ is currently in post-production prepping itself for festival season.

‘Californication’ Hottie Eva Amurri Bust-ing It Out
'Californication' Hottie Eva Amurri Bust-ing It Out

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