Monday, January 18

‘Fear of Clowns’ Director Reveals Revealing Hotties in ‘Garden of Hedon’ Stills

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Writer/director Kevin Kangas (‘Fear of Clowns’, ‘Fear of Clowns 2’) has finished shooting on his new horror mystery pic ‘Garden of Hedon’ and to celebrate he has decided to reveal a batch of new behind-the-scenes snaps from the production, and reveal he has! The new group of pics show us a cluster of hotties set to blaze onto our screens. Even even Kangas himself has this to say…””The hot girl quotient is very high in this flick”. That’s all I need to hear Kev. Richard Cutting, Danielle Lozeau, John C. Bailey, Beau Peregino, Andrew C. Ely, Tom Proctor, Lauren Lakis, Jesse Layne, Bob Haag and Manuel Poblete all star. you can check out just some of these hotties below.

‘Garden of Hedon’ is a mystery/horror about a detective who wakes up in a surreal house where every pleasure is indulged. Drugs. Sex. Gambling. It’s all there and more… including murder.”

You can check out the rest of the exclusive ‘Garden of Hedon’ pics over at Arrow.

Hedonistic Hottie Struts Her Stuff in A Bikini
Hedonistic Hottie Struts Her Stuff in A Bikini

Big Breasted ‘Garden of Hedon’ Hottie in Her Underwear
Big Breasted 'Garden of Hedon' Hottie in Her Underwear

‘Garden of Hedon’ is reportedly expected to hit DVD shelves across the US on 14 October 2011, according to the IMDB.

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