Sunday, January 24

‘Final Destination 5’ Set to Shoot this Fall

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Yet another franchise that still appears to have some legs is the ‘Final Destination’ flicks. And even though they seem to get significantly worse as they go on there is of course, as previously reported, news of a fifth installment on it’s way next Summer. ‘Final Destination 5’, helmed by Steven Quale, will commence shooting this September in Vancouver, Canada. It’s about time too as the release date of 26 August 2011 had already been decided!

And the only thing worth noting in all these films is just how and where will the ‘big accident’ take place this time around? Well if you haven’t already been put off flying, driving or enjoying roller coaster’s you’ll be happy to know that the bloody action takes place on a suspension bridge.

Quale will be basing his vision on a script penned by Eric Heissere. It’s a way off yet but this baby will arrive theatrically in little over a years time.

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