Wednesday, January 27

‘Final Destination’s Devon Sawa Joins Mischa Barton in New Thriller ‘Sibling’

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About 10 years ago I was pretty excited about actor Devon Sawa (below). With credits such as comedy horror ‘Idle Hands’ alongside Jessica Alba (in her underwear below you lucky dogs!), the fresh-styled slasher flick ‘Final Destination’ and even crudley hilarious comedy ‘Slackers’ under his belt things looked to be going pretty darn well for the young actor. But here we are 10 years on and not much to shout about from the Sawa camp. Until now that is. As not only has he completed work on the Joe O’Brien thriller ‘Endure’ alongside heavyweights such as Judd Nelson and Tom Arnold (I kid not!) but he’s currently shooting on the anticipated hidden camera thriller, and Vincenzo Natali produced ‘388 Arletta Avenue’. And now there’s news that he’s on board yet another upcoming thriller (playing a cop) with Michael Clarke Duncan and Mischa Barton by the name of ‘Sibling’. Check out the details below.

The narrative of ‘Sibling’, directed by Matt Orlando, is set at a school where Michael Clarke Duncan plays the principal and Mischa Barton is the guidance counselor.

Sawa could be seen more recently as Owen Elliot in the CW’s new ‘Nikita’ TV show.

‘Sibling’ is currently lensing in Pittsburgh and is expected to wrap later this month.

Devon Enjoys Making Out With a Half Naked Jessica Alba in ‘Idle Hands’
Devon Enjoys Making Out With Half Naked Jessica Alba in 'Idle Hands'

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