Sunday, January 24

First Teaser Artwork for Bruce McDonald ‘Pontypool Changes’ Sequel

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Four years ago Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald bought us the excellent mystery horror flick ‘Pontypool’. The intriguing story, which was based on the novel ‘Pontypool Changes Everything’ by Tony Burgess, was excellently taut and superbly acted especially by Stephen McHattie (‘Watchmen’). Around the time there was word of a planned sequel but alls been quiet ever since…until now. ‘Pontypool Changes’ is the sequelisation to the 2008 horror and the first piece of sales art for the follow-up has been spotted by Twitch over at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Bruce McDonald will direct once again and co-pen the adapted script along with Burgess. According to the new artwork we should expect this to land sometime in 2013. Check it out below.

Here’s the original synopsis for ‘Pontypool’:

“Shock jock Grant Mazzy has, once again, been kicked-off the Big City airwaves and now works at the only job he could get hosting the early morning show at CLSY Radio in Pontypool Ontario, which broadcasts from the basement of the small town’s only church. What begins as another boring day of school bus cancellations due to yet another massive snow storm, things quickly turn deadly when reports of people having bizarre seizures, developing strange speech patterns and evoking horrendous acts of violence start piling in. Before long, Grant and the small staff at CLSY find themselves trapped in the radio station as they discover that this insane behavior taking over the town is actually a deadly virus being spread through the English language itself. Do they stay on the air in the hopes of being rescued or, are they in fact providing the virus with its ultimate leap over the airwaves and into the world?”

‘Pontypool Changes’ Teaser Art
'Pontypool Changes' Teaser Art

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