Wednesday, October 28

Frightfest 2014 Invites Adam Wingard’s ‘The Guest’ to UK Premiere

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This time next week horror fans from around the world will be swarming on London as this years Film4 Frightfest kicks off in Leicester Square. And just one of the many awesome titles on offer is the UK premiere of ‘You’re Next’ director Adam Wingard’s latest thriller ‘The Guest’. Starring Dan Stevens (‘Downton Abbey’) the movie described as a “slick, fast, fun, killer thriller” will be one of the first featured entries at Frightfest 2014 set to screen on Thursday 21 August at 6:20pm. Wingard once more teams up with ‘You’re Next’ scribe Simon Barrett and the flick will hit UK cinemas wide on 5 September. ‘The Guest’ also stars Maika Monroe (‘The Bling Ring’), Sheila Kelley (‘Matchstick Men’), Leland Orser (‘Taken’), Lance Reddick (‘The Wire’, ‘Fringe’) and Brendan Meyer. Check out the trailer below and if you haven’t already make sure you head on over to the official Frightfest site for your tickets!

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“Still struggling over the loss of their oldest son, Caleb, to the war in Afghanistan, the Peterson family finds some solace when an unexpected visitor knocks on its door. David (Dan Stevens), a steely eyed and charismatic soldier who was recently discharged, is welcomed into their home when he comes to fulfill a promise he made to his fallen comrade. Siblings Anna and Luke are at first reluctant to accept David’s presence, but he soon wins them over. Though he appears to be the perfect houseguest, a mysterious and sinister chain of events causes Anna to question whether David is actually whom he claims to be.”

'The Guest' UK Quad

'The Guest' UK Quad

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