Saturday, January 16

‘Full Moon Fever’ Director Takes On Andy Briggs’ ‘The Obituary’

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Brit director Simon Hunter (‘Mutant Chronicles’) will already be entering the ‘Safe House’ with Lena Headey – below (‘300’, ‘St. Trinian’s’, ‘Laid to Rest’) and also tackling the Joe Casey comic adaption of ‘Full Moon Fever’, which deals with werewolves in space! So this guys fixed for work for the time being then? Nope, Hunter has already put pen to paper and signed a new deal teaming him up with production partner Tim Dennison to helm ‘The Obituary’, based on a screenplay with UK scribe Andy Briggs (who also penned the fore-mentioned ‘Safe House’). Check out the brief synopsis below.

“The story tells of a series of murders that are foretold in the obituary columns of the daily newspaper.”

A Naked Lena Headey Will Enter the ‘Safe House’
A Naked Lena Headey Will Enter the 'Safe House'

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