Sunday, January 17

‘Glee’ Creator Offered ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Remake Project

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It’s been floating around on the rumour mill for some time now but it seems Fox are pushing forward with their announced remake of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. The original 1975 movie, which starred Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon (below), Meat Loaf and creator Richard O’Brien is set to be remade. In spite of O’Brien’s non-involvement and outspoken negativity towards the project. And according to Deadline New York ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy has been offered the chance to direct it!

Having never seen more than a few glimpses of ‘Glee’ myself it does seem a likely deal and probably a decent decision particularly when it’ll come to the musical numbers. In addition, apparently the cast of ‘Glee’ have just wrapped a special Rocky Horror themed episode too.

‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is considered the longest running theatrical release in film history.

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