Sunday, January 24

Greg McLean Back For ‘Wolf Creek 2’?

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Australian director Greg Mclean has been quiet for a while but news is that he’s revisiting his 2005 outback slasher ‘Wolf Creek’ by preparing a new sequel which would see the return of nasty Mick Taylor. According to Frightfest’s Alan Jones’ twitter page ‘Wolf Creek 2’ is being ‘actively developed’. The sequel should also see the return of actor John Jarratt, who played the maniacal psycho Mick in the original. Personally I’ve been underwhelmed by McLean’s previous projects and ‘Wolf Creek’ is no more than a blip in my horror memory so my excitement level here is below zero.

“The original ‘Wolf Creek’ was set in 1999, and was about Ben Mitchell and his two British girlfriends Liz Hunter and Kristy Earl who buy an old car to travel through the outback of Australia with little money. Their first stop is to visit a meteor crater in the isolated Wolf Creek National Park. When they go to their car, they find that it does not start and without option, they decide to spend the night in the car. Later, a local friendly man, the hillbilly Mick Taylor, stops his truck, offers to help the trio, finds that they need to replace the coil and proposes to tow them to his camp, where he could fix the car. When they accept the proposal, their dreamy vacation turns into a scary nightmare.”

‘Wolf Creek’ star Kestie Morassi
'Wolf Creek' star Kestie Morassi

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