Tuesday, January 26

Grim ‘SAW Alive’ Experience Slammed

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There’s been a lot of buzz and shock around Thorpe Park’s new grisly attraction ‘SAW Alive’ – based on the popular horror franchise. And The Sun newspaper here in the UK is amongst the sources slamming the new live maze experience.

Clinical psychologist Dr Angela Wright warned to the tabloid rag that violent films can cause aggression in children and that “the link may be stronger with this interactive experience”.

I attended the opening night this past Tuesday (which you can read about here: Sovereign & Dyer at ‘SAW Alive’ Grand Opening) and even I was quite surprised at the levels of violence and horror-laden effects within. Now I’m not one for censorship or any kind of restrictions when it usually comes to things like this but this is a very extreme experience with plentiful blood, gore and shocking live scenes with incredibally is going to be open to what seems like all ages!

Thorpe Park is open to the whole family but opening a gruesome attraction like this with a simple ‘Sights may not be suitable for under 12s’ statement is unbelievable. These scenese re-enact gory moments from the popular ‘Saw’ franchise and as such have received an 18 certificate when released theatrically and on DVD and Blu-Ray. So how come re-enacting these scenes with REAL actors in REAL time – just so you can come face to face with such thrilling horrors – is acceptable for young children!? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Scenes that include someone sawing off their foot, a man with a sliced open stomach, sewn up mouths and more CANNOT be ok for those under 15-16 years of age at the very least!

What do you guys think?

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