Sunday, January 24

‘Halloween 3’ Dimension Free in 3-D…Wheeee!

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Despite the poor reviews and less tha exciting box office takings thus far it seems the Weinsteins still have faith in the newly revived ‘Halloween’ franchise and are apparently going to be making the next installment, ‘Halloween 3’, in 3-D. Perhaps that has something to do with ‘The Final Destination’ 3-D outing topping the US charts this weekend?

The Weinstein’s revealed the relevation to the LA Times and plan to have ‘Halloween 3’ in theatres by next Summer. Of course though it’s unlikely Rob Zombie will have anything to do with this sequel and a new director will be selected.

The original ‘Halloween 3: Season of the Witch’ was a totally unrelated standalone movie which dealt had nothing to do with the Michael Myers legend and went with disturbing killer Halloween masks instead. This time around though that will be different with Myers returning in no doubt machete stabbing action pointed right into the camera.

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