Friday, January 15

Halloween on Elm Street?

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The man behind the glove, Robert Englund, tells Fangoria that the razor-nailed Freddy Krueger might be doing battle with Michael Myers in the next film.

“New Line Cinema has commissioned two scripts: One is Freddy vs. Jason and Michael Myers, or Freddy vs. Michael Myers, I’m not quite sure how that works,” Englund reveals. “The other one is a prequel; apparently it’s not that prequel script that’s been floating around for several years, it’s something new. They will select one of those two [projects].”

Englund recommended they bring “Halloween” villain Michael Mers into proceedings a while back, even suggesting original heroine Jamie Lee Curtis returned to reprise her role – from the “Halloween” films – as Laurie Strode for it.

Englund, who has always championed for an “Elm Street” prequel, is also in talks to star in a sequel to Dee Snider’s “Strangeland”. “Dee still has to find the right director; he’s a rock star and he’s a strong personality but he’s not an actor, so he really needs to trust a good director who shares his vision. My part has been expanded in this one, and it’s very clever and very smart. I’m hoping I will do that in 2006.”

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