Tuesday, January 19

Hayley Joel Osment Sinks His Teeth into ‘Tusk’ Role

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The Oscar-nominated and ‘The Sixth Sense’ star Hayley Joel Osment (below) is returning to the genre by landing a role alongside Justin Long (‘Drag Me to Hell’) in Kevin Smith’s bizarre new horror feature ‘Tusk’. Osment will take the part of Teddy who’ll be teaming up with the already cast Genesis Rodriguez (‘Man on a Ledge’) when his podcast co-host, played by Long, disappears. Long’s character “sets out to interview an eccentric, reclusive old seafarer, only to find himself a plaything in the gruesome plot of a deranged killer.” ‘Red State’ actor Michael Parks also stars.

“The movie concerns a man who was once lost at sea with a walrus.  When the man returns home, he puts out an ad for a roommate.  The only thing this man asks is that his roommate wear a walrus costume (he’s obviously missed his walrus pal) and act only like the animal.  Somewhere along the way, the film takes a darker turn.”

‘Tusk’ kicks off production next month.

Hayley Joel Osment

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