Wednesday, October 28

Head Down into Clay Astroman’s ‘Spooky Basement’!

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Ever wanted a book series that is described as not only combining horror and pump but promising that it’ll also make your arm hairs dance around like crazy? Then look no further than author Clay Astroman’s ‘Spooky Basement’, a new twelve book horror-comedy series which is currently nearing the end of it’s successful Kickstarter campaign. With it’s satirical style and obvious ‘Goosebumps’ influences the books will be released in both paperback and digital formats every other month each released with an accompanying song from horror chiptunes artist MonsterVision. There’s just over a week left of the campaign and still time to pledge and get your hands on some excellent freebies!

You can head on over to the official campaign page here for all the synopses in the meantime here are the titles for each planned book in the series:

1. One Night in Monsteropolis
2. It Came from the Walk-In Fridge
3. Escape from Sideburn Mountain
4. I Remember Halloween
5. The 12 Hits of Christmas
6. Cathode Ray Terror
7. 50 Shades of Red
8. Decide Your Demise: Haunted House of Horror
9. Zombies Ate or Are Trying to Eat My Neighbors
10. Scare Goes the Neighborhood (Based on a true story!) – Check out the cover art below.
11. Sewer Spook Safari

For every person that donates at the $5.00 level will get to cast their vote on what they would like Book 12. to be. They can choose from a selection of 4 that includes; 13 for 31, Strike Three, You’re Dead!, Spring Break Supercabra, and The Cat with Three Heads.

You can hit up creator Clay Astroman at Twitter @ClayAstroman

'Spooky Basement' Logo

'Spooky Basement' - Scare Goes the Neighborhood

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