Sunday, January 24

‘Hisss’ Star Mallika Sherawat Wriggles Her Snake Booty in New Video

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Remember the Indian snakeish horror flick ‘Hisss’ from writer director Jennifer Chambers Lynch (‘Surveillance’)? Of course you do sunbeam, she’s sexy…venomous…and she’ll swallow you whole! The slithery flick has been sliding in and out of various festivals of late but still hasn’t managed to secure that elusive US deal as yet. Sexy Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat (below) plays the snake woman role and she can be seen in a new music video promoting the scale-laden movie (last snake pun I promise). Actors Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette and Divya Dutta round of the cast. Check out the new video, entitled ‘Sway’, below.

“‘Hisss’ is based on the Far Eastern myth of the snake woman who is able to take on human form, a creature known as the Nagin.”

‘Hisss’ slithers into Indian theatres this Friday (22 October).

Snake Lady Mallika Sherwat Can Certainly Wriggle Her Hot Body
Snake Lady Mallika Sherawat Can Certainly Wriggle Her Hot Body

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