Tuesday, January 19

Horror Anthology ‘Paris I’ll Kill You’ Reveals New Early Bloody Artwork

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Those bitchin-twitchin folks over at Twitch.com have scored some very early teaser art for the new horror anthology ‘Paris I’ll Kill You’ (the place not the airhead). A number of top horror directors are on board the project including Joe Dante (‘Gremlins’, ‘The Hole in 3D’), Paco Plaza (‘[Rec]’, ‘[Rec] 2’), Vincenzo Natali (‘Splice’), Xavier Gens (‘Frontier(s)’), Ryuhei Kitamura (‘The Midnight Meat Train’), Christopher Smith (‘Creep’, ‘Severance’, ‘The Black Death’), German music director Joern Heitmann, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (‘À l’intérieur’ AKA ‘Inside’). You can check out the new teaser below.

Not much is known about the individual stories involved aside from Natali’s entry entitled ‘Ready to Eat’ which apparently “takes place in the world of high fashion”.

The shoot on ‘Paris, I’ll Kill You’ will kick off sometime next Spring.

Teaser Poster for ‘Paris I’ll Kill You’ Horror Anthology
Teaser Poster for 'Paris I'll Kill You' Horror Anthology

Just to Clarify This ISN’T The Paris to Be Killed
Just to Clarify This ISN'T The Paris to Be Killed

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