Monday, January 25

Hottie Danielle Harris Shows Up in Tom Holland’s ‘Twisted Tales’ Trailer

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Writer/director Tom Holland (‘Fright Night’, ‘Child’s Play’, ‘Thinner’) has been working hard on putting together a new collection of terrifying stories in his new series ‘Tom Halland’s Twisted Tales’. It’s a new series of short films written and directed by Holland which stars quite a tidy little case that includes; William Forsythe (‘The Devil’s Rejects’, Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’), Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’, ‘Hatchet 2’), AJ Bowen (‘Hatchet 2’, ‘House of the Devil’), Bonnie Piesse and Marc Senter (Cabin Fever 2′, ‘I Know Who Killed Me’) amongst others. And you lucky lucky people can check out the trailer and new teaser art for it below.

‘Tom Halland’s Twisted Tales’ is said to be “In the great tradition of anthology shows, such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE and OUTER LIMITS, comes these new thrilling and chilling tales from Tom Holland, who wrote and directed some of the most memorable episodes of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, as well as AMAZING STORIES.  Each segment is guaranteed to hold you spellbound until the very Twisted end!”

Check out the name of each short below, including the allocated performers involved in each.

– To Hell With Her; Starring Danielle Harris and William Forsythe
– Fred & his GPS; Starring AJ Bowen
– Vampire’s Dance; “Vamped-out hotties”

‘Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales’ Teaser
'Tom Holland's Twisted Tales' Teaser

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