Tuesday, January 26

Hottie Search Begins For ‘Asylum Sirens’!

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The Horror Asylum is currently under re-development and will soon launch it’s new look to celebrate it’s 8th birthday! We will also be launching some new features. In particular our new ‘Asylum Sirens’ section which will feature regular horror hotties. NOT celebs or pin-ups!, these girls could be you!

We are taking submissions for you to become the 1st ‘Asylum Siren’ which will feature a full bio page plus photos of you and your interest in horror!

More details and guideines below:

To be considered for the ‘Asylum Sirens’ you must meet the following criteria:

a). Only females may apply.
b). You must be aged 18 or above.
c). Please include your photos as attachments (or direct URLs to the images if larger than 1MB). Each photo must be high quality, posed photos and preferabally show a minimum of head to waist.
     – Full body shots preferred.
     – Head shots not accepted.
     – Your photos must not contain other person(s) in shot.
     – We do not accept images taken with low-quality webcams or phones.
     – Nudity and horror-graphic images are accepted within reason.

d). Please provide the following information with your submission. This information will be used as part of your bio page so we can learn a little more about you.

– Your name and/or alias.
– Your location (city – country).
– Your age.
– Your favourite horror movies.
– Your least favourite horror movies.
– Why do you want to become an Asylum Siren?
– A maximum 2-line summation sentence or statement about you.
– Up to 1000 word description of you, your interests and your love for horror.
– Up to 3 links to your website, forum or social networking pages.

If there is any other information you wish to include that does not fit into any of the above fields then please provide this as part of your submssion and mark as ‘Comments/Notes’.

PLEASE NOTE: All submissions MUST be made by the model themselves. We do not accept submissions made on another persons behalf.


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