Wednesday, January 27

How Do You Pick Out That Right Movie?

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Its a rainy Saturday night perfect for a new scary movie. Ever get into one of those new release moods? But, you got a lot to choose from. Walking down that aisle at the video store there are lots of potential victims to be had. So how do you choose? Do you go with the flashy packaging and the creepy picture on the front. How about a main stream film with the most popular stars in Hollywood gracing the cover. The movie with two dozen available copies on the shelf because they think its going to be a HUGE rental. Or the one lonely title that was straight to DVD. Could be a diamond in the rough you know.
Its a hard choice. Every one of these movies is like a little mini infomercial. Seems like they try to grab ya by having some sort of catch on the case. The Hollywood stars, the awesome art work on the front, or the creepy sounding name of the movie. I’m a victim of it right now. I’m watching The Messengers 2: Scarecrows. Never really wanted to watched the first one. And this movie, from what I understood has nothing to do with it either. Its got some bad ass art work on the box, and I think movies about scarecrows are creepy. Never made it to the theater, here anyway.  I am liking it, good movie.  Kind of slow starting, highly predictable.  Overall not a bad waste of an hour and a half.
The next thing are the reviews. Sometimes I’ll go online to get the current “top picks” of the week. See what everyone else has to say, what’s the big thing everyone is buzzing about. Other times I will go at it alone. Role the dice and see what comes up.  But, even reading the reviews can be a double edge sword. I don’t know how many times I would read the reviews on something and then want to pull my eyeballs out rather than watch another min of this crap.  How do you know unless you try right?  Because if you base the movies you watch solely on the reviews you read, or from what people say.  You’re gonna miss out on a lot of good flicks out there.  I’ve gotten movies on my own instinct that I wanna put in my top 10, then read up about it and see how much people hated it. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen as much as I would like it too. In the last 5 or more years it seems like anyone with a camcorder can put a movie out. Then they put all of there $2000 budget into making some awesome artwork to market it. They got me there. That’s the good thing about Netflix though, I just gotta send it back and I get to start over again. I got the time. 
I think the best thing to do though is always keep an open mind. You know what you like better than anyone else.

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