Monday, October 19

Independent Horror ‘Expressway To Your Skull’ Arrives on DVD this November

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Following the world premiere of writer, director and producer Michael Okum’s first feature horror film ‘Expressway To Your Skull’, which showed in his home state of New Jersey earlier this year at the New Jersey Film Festival, the movie enjoyed another screening at this months HorrorQuest Film Festival in Atlanta. The micro-budget feature film, which has taken several years for the independent filmmaker to complete, but what sets it apart from the pack is that it’s a true underdog. ‘Expressway To Your Skull’ is being released by Brain Damage Films on DVD November 3rd and VOD starting December 1st. Head below to check out the trailer.

“‘Expressway’ is a labor of love, of course…” says Okum “…but, as many discerning viewers have pointed out to me in private screenings, the film is also “challenging”, “intense” and “visually striking”… The product of a long road of very hard work from a dedicated cast and crew.”

“What my film may be lacking in star power it makes up for in gritty realism, haunting atmosphere, and psychedelic visuals. “Expressway” is not your typical “Slasher-in-the-woods-killing-teens” flick and it’s not a parody or satire of the genre either… its something different. We call it a “Psychedelic Horror-Thriller”.

Expressway to your Skull Artwork

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