‘Injustice For All’ Fan Project Pleases Those Left Underwhelmed by ‘Suicide Squad’

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With DC Comic’s latest anti-superhero mash-up ‘Suicide Squad’ already disappointing plenty of fans and critics alike recently it comes as no surprise that many are already moving their focus forward to the line-up of next phase efforts such as the forthcoming ‘Justice League’ movie. However, between now and then we can embrace other more underground efforts like this awesome re-imagined origin story from a group of renegade filmmakers working under the Hollywood radar. ‘Injustice For All’ is a 20-minute short based around the origins of the Joker told by Harleen Quinzel (AKA Harley Quinn) and is a must-see for all fanboys and those left feeling a little short-changed by the recent DC Comic blockbuster.

‘Injustice For All’ is certainly a project made by fans for fans and the project from White hand Films even boasts some tremendous performances from the likes of its main stars Julia Voth (‘Bitch Slap’, ‘Resident Evil’) and Jamie Bernadette (‘I Spit On Your Grave’). Voth recently commented on the project in an interview stating that the movie was “A dark and gritty, re-imagined origin of one of comics’ most iconic villains”.

So if you’ve ever wondered what makes an evil, twisted, and notorious super villain tick you should check out the full short below:

Injustice For All

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