Is Lindsay Lohan Causing Issues on the Set of ‘Scary Movie 5’?

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The production on the Malcolm Lee directed sequel spoof ‘Scary Movie 5’ is already having issues particularly with a certain Lindsay Lohan (below). According to various reports the actress has said to have taken a real dislike to the script which would be the source of self-parody for Miss Lohan (‘Machete’, ‘I Know Who Killed Me’) whose career has become somewhat complicated to say the least in the past few years. She, along with equally troubled star Charlie Sheen, would both appear in the follow-up poking a little fun at themselves like any good humoured celebrity should but rumours have it that not only has the 26-year old star faked having walking pneumonia to get out of the job but balked at the idea of having an on-screen snog with Sheen as the script requires. Lohan’s busy-bee reps have already denied these claims, “These stories are untrue, and she is willingly fulfilling all of her obligations.” So it seems she’s back in the picture which is now shooting in Atlanta. Craig Bierko (‘Scary Movie 4’), Ashley Tisdale (‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’), Erica Ash (‘MADtv’), Terry Crews (‘The Expendables 2’), Roland ‘Lil Duval’ Powell, Molly Shannon, Simon Rex (‘Scary Movie 3’) and Heather Locklear are also all lined up to appear in the fifth installment.

“Three dancers — one veteran performer and two upstarts who are also best friends — vie for the lead in a new production from a snooty, aloof, imperious, and oversexed director.”

‘Scary Movie 5’, for the moment, is expected to open in theatres on 19 April 2013.

A Nudie Snap of Lindsay Lohan
A Nudie Snap of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Cuts a Fine Cleavage
Lindsay Lohan Cuts a Fine Cleavage

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