Tuesday, January 19

Is Natalie Portman To Take on Lead in Ridley’s ‘Alien’ Prequel?

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In space no can hear you scream out NATALIE PORTMAN! The sexy wee actress appears to be Fox’s first choice for the lead role in Ridley Scott’s new ‘Alien’ prequel. So it appears that neither ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ actress Noomi Rapace nor Aussie Abbie Cornish (two other rumoured leads) will get their face-to-face time with the acid-bleeding dome headed ones. After pulling out of sci-fi thriller ‘Gravity’ (in which Sandra Bullock replaced her), then of course the ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ adaption it seems Portman (below) will have some spare time on her hands. Fox have also been chatting about the ‘amazing’ script for the prequel penned by Damon Lindelof (‘Lost’).

”One reason Fox execs are so thrilled with Lindelof’s Alien draft is that, not only is it creatively engaging, but it adds no expensive “set pieces” – production-speak for elaborate, effects-heavy action sequences that add millions to the cost of a film — to the movie” says Vulture. “20th Century Fox and Scott have been wrangling over the director’s proposed budget. One insider familiar with the situation puts Scott’s suggested budget at between $150 million and $160 million; Fox obviously, would like that number to shrink. Still, this is some good news for Fox, which has almost nothing resembling a blockbuster in the hopper for the summer of 2012, and could certainly stand to reinvigorate a wildly popular multi-part sci-fi franchise.”

Portman can be seen next in Darren Aranofsky’s upcoming drama thriller ‘Black Swan’.

Is Natalie Portman Ready to Sauce up Ridley’s ‘Alien’ Prequel?
Is Natalie Portman Ready to Sauce up Ridley's 'Alien' Prequel?

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